About Me

Welcome to Fiddlesticks 2.0, new and improved!

Following our celiac diagnoses in 2023, I spent time, money, and precious emotional resources on trying to recreate the original Fiddlesticks menu with gluten-free ingredients. To be honest, it was heartbreaking. 

So I branched out. I researched what the gluten-free community actually wanted and looked for an intersection with a recipe that I actually liked. From the beginning of this venture in 2021, it has been important to me to only offer items that I find irresistible.

Enter this ridiculously decadent version of gluten-free cinnamon rolls. This recipe has reestablished some faith in baking for me. I realized I can still bake and eat (and offer to others) food that I find truly delicious. So, I've opted to be incredibly picky with my menu and am starting with just one product. But it is one I am proud of and happy to share with you! Also, I think it has the potential to be versatile, so who knows what flavors are up next???

So that's the bakery story for now. I hope there will be much more to come!

What else about me? I like to listen to audiobooks, go to concerts and plays, camp with my family, explore new cities and try new foods with my husband, and I recently started boxing classes. Social justice, education, the arts and caring for the environment are important to me and how I spend my volunteer time. I never want to stop learning. 

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!


Jenny Casper





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